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Govinder Nazran, Artist
Govinder Nazran, Artist

Govinder Nazran's Biography

Govinder Nazran's artistic training began at Bradford Art College, where he studied Graphic Design from 1980-1983. He went on to study at London Art College, completing a Diploma in Graphic Design, specialising in Illustration, in 1985.

Having completed his formal training, Govinder Nazran decided to move to London, approaching all of the major city publishers with his design portfolio. He soon found himself an agent and started work on children's book illustrations, with a focus on Indian books. After six months in London, he moved to Cambridge and continued work freelance in illustration.

In 1987, Govinder moved back to Bradford, taking up the position as designer for a greetings card company with responsibility for product design as well as development. He felt in 1990 to join an artists' agency, working on licensing and product development, and later directing photographic shoots. This eventually led to him gaining a prestigious position as a photographic art director with a mail order catalogue company, spending the next year traveling around the world on fashion shoots.

However, by 1993 Govinder decided to return to the quiet life in Saltaire, spending the next five years working freelance on card designs with major publishers. Having built up am enviable reputation through his designs, he decided the time was right to approach the fine art market with a view to having his designs published. In 1999, he joined Washington Green, which has since published seven silkscreens and two lithographs form his designs, with more to follow



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